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Soul Azul's consultation services provide you with the essential tools needed in today's music business. Whether you are just beginning or have an established and notable career, Our management and guidance gives you the advantage among all those whom are trying to navigate their way through the complicated process. (more)

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  • Publishing 

  • Revenue Streams and more...

Consulting Services we offer



"Soul Azul music has provided me with the opportunity to not only make premier-level content and recordings, but has also helped me understand and help play a more hands on role in industry leading production, recording, and writing techniques.  In addition, navigating the complexities of the music industry...


Jimmy Greco CEO

Born and Raised in New York, Jimmy Greco is a Grammy Nominated Producer, Songwriter, Remixer and Manager whose credits include Carlos Santana, Miley Cyrus, Beyonce, Britney Spears, Jennifer Lopez, Train, and more.
Growing up in New York, Jimmy was exposed to an array of musical genres and styles. From Classic Rock, and Pop to Rap and Funk. Music was a staple in Jimmy’s early life where he began to produce and write songs. His talents were soon noticed when he signed to a worldwide co-publishing deal with Warner Chappell Music (1997 through 2001).

His first # 1 Record was with Jerry Rivera’s song “Quireo”. It stayed on Billboard’s Hot Latin Tracks at #1 for Six Weeks. It was also nominated for “Premio Lo Nuestro’s Song of the Year” 2001.
He later co-wrote &-produced Frankie Negron’s album “Por tu placer” which was nominated for 2002 Grammy Awards “Best Salsa Album of the Year”.

Soon after, he co-wrote & produced “Si Ya Se Acabo” for Jennifer Lopez on the “J-lo” album. (6 million units sold worldwide) as well as the “J to the LO” Remix album (international – 2 million units sold).
In 2003, He co-wrote and produced Carlos Santana’s song “Come to My World” which appeared as the b-side on the single “Game of Love” featuring Michelle Branch as well as Santana’s worldwide release “Ceremony” remixes and rarities” & “Artist Collection : Santana”

Jimmy co-wrote the song called “Seduceme”, recorded by the artist “India” which stayed at #1 on Billboard’s “Hot Latin Tracks” for 3 straight weeks (March 2003). The album “Latin Song Bird” was the #1 selling salsa album in Billboard for 9 weeks. It is certified Platinum. “Seduce Me Now”, the English version, was released into the American dance market and hit #2 on Billboard’s Club Chart.

In 2003 he received a Grammy Nomination as the composer for “Seduceme” under the “Tropical Song of the Year” category.
In 2004 after years of planning, Jimmy Greco launched Airgo Entertainment and has since sought to embody his vision of the record label and recording artist service company of the future.

2008 Jimmy helped form a remix – production team with DJ Suraci “SMASH MODE”, and has since remixed a variety of today’s top artists including : Paramore, Beyonce, Britney Spears, Miley Cyrus and more…

2016 brought a new chapter in Jimmy’s story when he wrote and produced the new NBC’s Thursday Night Football Theme song. (to be aired November 2016)

About Us


 Jimmy Greco officially launched Soul Azul Media 2019. After working his lifetime in the music business,  Jimmy has seen the transformation from the "old music business" into our current and ever changing model. The concept of Soul Azul Music stemmed from years of working with independent artists who were frustrated with not understanding the essential steps to "making it". Jimmy spent years developing artist and managing projects and realized there is a huge void in the independent artist community. His primary goal is to educate artist and help them build a solid foundation to their business through Soul Azul Music by offering services  such as Artist Development, Music and Video Production, Digital Distribution, Publishing, Marketing and more. 


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